February 3, 2011

Curry Anyone?

Curries always intrigued me with the combination of all spices and flavors.  I’ve been eating curries of all varieties for quite some time and I can’t decide which I like most. Some days I feel more towards a Thai style some other days I prefer the Indian ones. For each one of them I have my preferred restaurant because I never felt confident enough to cook one from scratch myself.
Of course I tried already the store bought curry paste that promised a delicious meal just with the addition of chicken/shrimp/lamb but that just ended up as a total disaster with us resorting to a pizza delivery.
However since I started MyVerySmallKitchen I am challenging myself from time to time with some recipes that I was previously afraid of trying. So, last November when I bought the monthly edition of Delicious magazine I was very happy to find a curry recipe well explained that seemed worth trying – Spinach, Tomato, Prawn and Salmon Curry.
After reading the recipe in details I realized I would have to buy several spices that I had never used before and didn’t have a clue about. I confess I felt intimidated again but off I went for some shopping and after going to two supermarkets and an Indian store I found everything needed.
Back home I spent a considerable time chopping garlic, onions and chilly and the “20 minutes to make” as promised in the magazine were in fact almost one hour for me. The only change I did to the original recipe was reducing the amount of chillies since we don’t like really spice food.
If like me, you are not experienced in cooking curries I suggest you try this recipe. You will end up with a tasty fragrant dish that is worth every second spent in the preparation.

For the original recipe click here.

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