Hi, I’m Andréa, the amateur cooking in MyVerySmall Kitchen.

My family and my friends will tell you that I am very enthusiastic about cooking and specially eating. For me, food is associated with feelings and most of the time fantastic memories. I grew up in a family that still gets together every Sunday for the traditional weekly lunch. In my parents’ house celebrations always involved some kind of food and in several occasions a simple meal became the celebration.

Twelve years ago I moved with my husband to Hong Kong and this is when I started my adventures in the kitchen. I could cook a few dishes before that but since becoming the “Queen of the House” I had to push myself a bit harder to make a good impression. Thanks God my husband is a very patient person who kindly endured my kitchen incursions. In Hong Kong housing is pretty expensive and I found myself leaving in a flat with a very small kitchen, a very small oven (I’m so lucky!) and as expected a small stove. Anyway, the lack of space never made me not want to try a recipe. My very small kitchen is my favorite place in our home, where i cook mostly for fun on the weekends and the occasional week evening.

Since I decided start blogging, my mind has been very busy thinking about food in general … about the content of the blog, the layout, the recipes, the photos, the name, the writing. I did some research in the available food blogs and I knew I didn’t want mine to be a place only to share recipes. It had to be "the place" where I could write about food, feelings and good memories.

In MyVerySmall Kitchen  (I guess now you know why I choose this name…) I will share with you some of my family recipes and also recipes extracted from my favorite cookbooks. All recipes posted here were tested at least once and all pictures were taken by me.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by,