March 29, 2011

1000 Hits

Oh my God!
MyVerySmallKitchen just got to a 1000 hits last Tuesday and I am so, so, so happy!
I know there are several blogs out there that probably get  1000 viewers per day, however for me getting to MY first 1000 is something really special.
When I started this blog last year I didn’t intend to become famous, or a writer or a chef. I just wanted to register my adventures in my kitchen and show people that cooking can be simple. I think I already achieved this because I met so many interesting people saying they had tried one of my recipes and were happy with it.
I also didn’t know I would attract viewers from so many different places like US, Canada, France, Malaysia, Portugal, Singapore, Argentina, UK besides Hong Kong and Brazil. I’m so glad this is happening and hopefully some new places will be added to the list soon.
I still consider this just the beginning and I have a lot to learn and several recipes to try. I can assure you I am having a lot of fun experimenting new delicious recipes and trying my best to share beautiful pictures with you.
I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that supported me so far and enjoy the blog. Please keep coming back! New recipes are posted every weekend and of course there are the odd mid- week posts when I have some extra time.
And of course, if you have a recipe that you would like to see posted here please drop me an email at and I will try my best to learn it and share with you.
Thanks again,

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Deia !!

    I've been not only following the blog but also have been tasting some of her delicious food!

    Yesterday I had the pleasure to have her in my house to cook for our friends!
    I could see my prototype of kitchen (3m x 1.5m)producing 03 lasagnas in the same time!
    Was a miracle that only her passion for cooking can make this possible.

    Was amaaazing and delicious!

    Thank you soooo much, I felt like in my moms'home!!!