January 19, 2011

Indian Curry - Butter Chicken

Saturday evening a dear friend came to our home to teach me how to cook an authentic Indian curry. We invited some other friends to share this special occasion with us and had a very relaxed enjoyable evening. There was a while we didn’t have friends over and it  felt good to have the house filled with laugh and nice people.

I enjoyed so much having company in the kitchen. This is something I do a lot with my Dad and my Mum back in Brazil but here in Hong Kong I am usually the lonely queen. And of course it was quite an experience trying to follow my friend’s pace, write down the recipe, prepare the spices, chop onions and tomatoes pretty much all at the same time.

My first impression of a curry was confirmed. It is not difficult to make, however it requires time and a lot of spices and techniques. Our house was filled with a fantastic perfume from the spices and dinner was just amazing.

From that evening I have only pictures to share with you. The recipe will be  posted some other day when I cook the butter chicken curry myself and make sure my messy notes are actually accurate.

P.S.: Thanks VJ.

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